Wedding Wednesday, Week #7: The perfect toast

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you've ever been a best man, a maid of honor, or perhaps father of the bride, you know about the pressure of the speech! It can be extremely nerve-wracking.

We continue our Wedding Wednesday series with advice on that wedding speech. We spoke with a communications expert and found out there are certain things you absolutely do not want to do!

It's a toast, not a roast.

Leslie Ungar, of Electric Impulse Communications in Akron, says you shouldn't be making fun of the bride or groom the whole time.

Keep the speech length in check.

Leslie says 2-4 minutes is perfect. Maybe a little longer for the father of the bride.

Do plan, practice and prepare.

Leslie says ask someone to help you brainstorm ideas first.

"Some people have a sense of humor. Some people are fun to be with but what makes her really special and then think about an example of something that demonstrated that specialness."

Hold the "thank you's." Do that personally, in private.

"Thank you's are boring to every other person in the room not being thanked."

Got a mirror? Use it to practice. Especially when it comes to when you will look at the newlyweds and when you'll turn to the audience.

"Where you look is who's important so if you look at the bride and groom the whole time, you're basically telling the audience they're not important."

It is an emotional day, and Leslie says don't be nervous about showing that:

"I love tears, when they're real because this is both a happy and a sad time so if that person giving the toast is struck with that, great, go with that."

Notes are great too, as long as they're easy to read.

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