State to investigate video of Richland County student pushed down by teacher

SHELBY, OH (WOIO) - A parent would likely want to know if a teacher in their school district had pushed a student down to the floor and been disciplined. But that is not what happened recently in Richland County.

It started when a video of a Shelby student hitting the floor surfaced. An investigation found the teacher was to blame, and he was given a four-day suspension.

That fact was never shared with the public, however. It left the parents of the child feeling there was still a cloud of blame over their son, Remington Schroeder.

Now, a major development in the case -- an investigation by the State of Ohio has been ordered. The Shelby Schools have been slapped with a subpoena that will likely lift the shroud of secrecy that has kept most people there from knowing teacher Bob DeLauder was to blame.

Jennifer Schroeder says the whole thing was mishandled by Tim Tarvin, the Superintendent of Shelby Schools.

Tarvin wasn't answering questions when confronted by Cleveland 19 at the school board offices.

"This is being investigated by the Office of Professional Misconduct and I cannot speak for them. I will let them speak for themselves," Tarvin said.

When asked, Tarvin said he did not think he should be investigated for his handling of the matter.

He did meet with Jennifer Schroeder.

When asked if he was ever going to announce to the public the teacher was to blame, he told Cleveland 19 to talk to the state's office of professional conduct.

The Shelby Board of Education has until June 6 to submit what the state subpoenaed, then the investigation will begin.

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