'Cavs Cuts' back by popular demand for NBA Finals

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - One local business is showing its hometown pride in a unique and clever way.

Barbers at Westpark Premier Lounge have designed something called a "Cavs Cut" and it seems everyone wants it.

The cuts are intricate and range between $40-$50.

Master barber Josh Pfiel says sometimes customers even request cuts based off photos they've seen on social media. He says after the Cavs won the NBA finals last year, people lined up to get "Cavs Cuts" for the championship parade.

"It was just crazy. I was at the shop from 7 in the morning to almost 8 at night, the night before the parade," said Pfiel.

Customer Kevin Amos says he's not waiting that long. He wants the Cavs/Golden State match-up on the back of his head for all to see.

"I just love my city and I love my teams," said Amos.

Check out some of the cuts here.

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