They're baaaaack! Midges return to northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - They're back and buggin' to all. We're talking about the known midges many Clevelanders are familiar with. Midges, a small insect that is consistently bugging individuals throughout town. These flies are found seasonally during the months of June and September.

Midges are known to come around after the Memorial Day holiday. Luckily, they only stay for a short amount of time ranging from five to ten days.

You'll know when you see one. The insect is clear with a long and curvy back. These insects tend to swarm around areas in large groups or families.

Although the insect could be a "pest", midges are considerably good for the environment as they provide a source of protein for birds.

The insects travel in from Canada and end up near the land of Lake Erie by the water and then migrate throughout town.

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