Lorain cuts park's grass after resident complaints

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - The city of Lorain has cut overgrown grass at a park after several complaints from residents.

Don Mohn lives near Knerium Park in Lorain and he said the grass in the area has grown to be waist high. There's a basketball court, baseball diamond, and swing set at the park, but Mohn said that the grass is too high for anyone to use the area.

"It's to the point now you can't play baseball because you can't find your baseball when you hit it," said Mohn.

Mohn said he and his neighbors are upset because the city has an ordinance that fines residents for tall grass.

"If you don't cut your own grass on the property you own, the city will come out and cut it and charge you. I've tried to contact some of the city officials about it. The mayor, and the councilman. But I wasn't getting any response," said Mohn.

According to Lorain's legal department, the city charges residents $300 per hour to mow lawns with high grass. The city issued 731 citations for high grass in 2016.

After contacting the city, Cleveland 19 News learned that the Lorain Parks Division did go to Knerium Park last week to cut the grass, but after the rainy weather the area was too wet for the city's tractor to finish the job. Thursday afternoon city crews mowed the lawns at the park.

In an email from the Lorain Department of Public Property Lori Garcia, Garcia wrote the city has a rotating schedule of when it mows its 54 parks.

"We have a schedule based on the size and how fast the parks normally grow. Some grow faster than others and some also stay wetter than others. It is hard to give you an exact rotation since many factors go into how often each park is cut. I do know that the month of May is normally our hardest time to get into some parks due to standing water, which is what happened this year considering we had such a wet May," wrote Garcia.

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