Drunk woman behind crash with injuries on I-90 disappears twice with false ID

It has been 14 months since an accident on the exit ramp from I-90 westbound to Crocker Road. A Mercedes pulled from middle lanes of I-90 off to the right and struck a car, forcing it to the right and off the ramp. High speed and alcohol were factors.

There is one problem -- no one knows the driver's name.

Police only have a mug shot taken the night of the crash in April 2016. The woman had paperwork and even insurance in another woman's name, and after being arrested was allowed to post bond.

She then disappeared.

Deborah Smith is the woman who received a traumatic brain injury in the crash. She was unaware that the woman wasn't who she said she was.

"It's been upsetting that she hasn't been held accountable," Smith said.

It's not for a lack of trying.

The driver was arrested six months after the crash by the Highway Patrol. Again, she was convincing and used her documents to again get a bond and disappear.

Too often, a crash gets a mention on the news, but both the short term and life long impact on victims isn't seen.

Deborah has missed a lot, including the birth of a grandchild -- her first -- and not seeing her unless the parents come to Avon.

"The only time I've been able to see her is when she's driven up here. I missed my son graduating with his bachelors from Cleveland State and I've missed my daughter graduate as a doctor at Ohio University just a few weeks ago because I still can't get on the highway," she said.

Deborah has speech and math problems as well. Slowly, she is getting better, but it is now 14 months since the accident.

"My brain still reacts like if I hear a horn or tire screeching my head starts spinning," she said. "You're right back there. I'm right back."

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