Want to put your house on the market? Take color into consideration

Want to put your house on the market? Take color into consideration

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - So you're thinking about putting your home on the extremely hot northeast Ohio housing market, but it could use some new paint?

Zillow and CBS MoneyWatch are trying to help by making sure you're in the right color code. Zillow, the home researching website, has been comparing thousands of pictures of the homes that are selling and for how much. When compared with comparable square footage, they are seeing patterns in colors, meaning people are paying more for homes with the right pallet because they can see themselves in the home.

They warn, though, the colors can change with the year.

For example, last year yellow was for kitchens. This year it's a light blue.

And the difference is starting to reach the thousands of dollars. Zillow has found the bathroom is the biggest bang for the buck is the perfect hue in the bathroom. A light blue or light purple with white bathroom is getting more than $5,000 when the home sells.

The idea is if the room is already picture color perfect, the new homeowner knows they don't have to slap on new paint when they move in, and are willing to pay more.

To see what other colors on your front door, exterior, and living room are best -- here's a link to the CBS MoneyWatch article.

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