Cavs bring 0-2 deficit back to Cleveland: What is Kevin Durant getting out of this, exactly?

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Cavaliers are heading back to The Land down 0-2 in the NBA Finals.

They were beat handily once again Sunday by the Golden State Warriors, a team that set the NBA record for regular season wins in 2016 and then traded in Harrison Barnes for former MVP Kevin Durant.

Durant's 2016 OKC Thunder had the 2016 Warriors on the ropes in this past year's Western Conference Finals, eventually blowing a a 3-1 lead.

Durant's 2012 Thunder lost in the NBA Finals to LeBron James' then-super team, the Miami Heat.

Perhaps the start of what would become an apparently urge to secure a ring at all costs.

LeBron did it with the Heat, and Durant has every right to do what he's doing right now with the Warriors. But one has to wonder -- if the Warriors go on to sweep the seemingly out-matched Cavs in these Finals, just how fulfilling will it be for Durant?

It might be the single greatest moment in his life. Who's to say?

But watching him have another special 2017 Finals performance Sunday may have had some recalling a scene in the movie "Mean Girls," in which a girl expresses her feelings during a meeting in the gym, only to have another student from the back of the crowd point out, "She doesn't even go here."

This very much does not feel like Durant's fight, and it, at times, does not feel like the Warriors/Cavs rubber match that has been hyped all season. Perhaps that will change soon, and perhaps it will be an interesting series.

But until then, the most interesting thing will be to see what he does after his stint with the Warriors, should he choose not to retire with Golden State.

Sunday's final score was 132 to 113 in favor of the Warriors. Game 3 will be played June 7 in Cleveland. Tip is slated for 9 p.m.

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