LeBron skips out on postgame press conference at podium

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - LeBron James is usually present at the postgame press conferences, especially in the NBA Finals, but he was absent from the podium Sunday night following the Game 2 loss to the Golden State Warriors.

Instead of speaking to the press at the podium, he did hold an availability in the locker room after Sunday night's game.

A reporter asked him if there was a reason why he didn't show up at the usual spot like all of the other players. He responded and said, "Yeah, there's a reason," but he wasn't willing to share to the group of reporters. The reason apparently wasn't because of the game result because he followed up by saying, "It has nothing to do with wins and losses though."

According to ESPN reporters Brian Windhorst and Rachel Nichols, LeBron's reasoning was because he has been frustrated with how the player's press conferences have been scheduled.

Could LeBron's actions result in a fine? The NBA has fined players before for skipping out on postgame press conferences.

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