Study targets Sundays for worst night of sleep

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There is nothing quite like a long, non-interrupted, dreamy sleep. But as too many of us know that's easier said than done.

A study by shows most of us are struggling, more than any other night, on Sunday night to get a good night's sleep. Approximately 46 percent of us, in the study, claim Sunday night as their worst night of sleep. Monday, is a not-so-close second with only 17 percent saying that Monday is their worst night of sleep.

Saturday and Wednesday follow that up with 9 percent.

So, what's the deal with Sundays? Dr. Roy Buchinsky, the Director of Wellness at University Hospital has seen the study and he tells us that worrying about the start of another work week is part of the problem, but not the biggest issue. "What happens from our sleep perspective over the weekend is that we generally go to bed later, so we lose that rhythm, we lose that sleep cycle."

The best bet for a great night of sleep, according the study, is Thursday night. Dr. Buchinsky believes that's true simply because by the end of the week, you are back in your sleep pattern. "It's going to bed at a regular time during the week and waking up at the same time during the week and not deviating too much from that on the weekends."

Alcohol and our diets are critical to good sleep and we tend to indulge a bit more on the weekends and that is another factor leading to a tough night of sleep on Sundays.

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