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Mayoral candidate's plan to curb violence in Cleveland: Put repeat offenders to work on abandoned homes

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Cleveland councilman and mayoral candidate Zack Reed is pushing a new approach to stop violence by repeat offenders by putting them to work.

Many abandoned homes have been torn down in Cleveland, and many more need to be. But Reed says tearing them down isn't the complete answer to urban blight and the crime those houses harbor.

Reed calls his plan the Building Futures Housing Rehabilitation Program Collaboration.

It's a wordy title for a program he believes will taken guns out of the hands of people and replace them with paint brushes, hammers, and saws.

"Once you give people a job, they're like us, we've got to get up in the morning so we're not going to stay out all night long," said Reed.

Reed is using $100,000 to put ex-offenders to work. His targets are three abandoned homes. One will be used for training them in construction skills, and the two others will be rehabbed and sold.

In theory, it's far better than creating another empty lot.

Reed hopes to attack the city's problem with violence.

Work is set to begin by August.

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