After 8 years, this small Ohio village has its police department back

LAKEMORE, OH (WOIO) - In the fictional town of Mayberry, there was one sheriff and one deputy protecting the town. It's much like that in the village of Lakemore, a quiet town of only 2 sq. miles.

Their favorite son, Ken Ray, is back on the beat.

"They are happy to have us back and we are glad to be back," Ray said.

The village lost its police department eight years ago. There was no money to keep them once they lost their hospital. They finally got money through the income tax -- $490,000 a year to staff a police department.

Councilman Rich Cole was instrumental in getting them back.

"I lived here my whole life until I moved away and we had a fantastic police department. Then we went fiscal emergency, among other things," he said.

Now there is a party to welcome back the force.

Residents told Cleveland 19 that it's good to have them back.

The chief says it will take a while to get the building back in shape.

"It's a work in progress trying to get everything together," he said.

It will be staffed with nine officers, including part-timers.

And just like in Mayberry, everyone there knows everyone. The chief knows them too, and he doesn't mind the Mayberry comparisons.

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