For the Cavs to pull this off, these 3 things need to happen

For the Cavs to pull this off, these 3 things need to happen

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For the Cavs to repeat as NBA champs, they have to win four of the next five against a team that has beaten them soundly twice in the past few days.

Here are three things they need to do to pull it off.

First, I think Kyrie Irving has to go nuts.

LeBron is playing really well, and I know Kevin Love scored a lot in Game 2, but this team needs Irving to step up and play like a Top 2 or Top 3 point guard. He has not done that. The Warriors obviously fear LeBron. Somebody else needs to put some fear into that team, and so far, nobody has done it. Irving can take over games, we've seen him do it, just not in this series.

Second, get physical.

I mean, make Olivia Newton-John the soundtrack. I don't mean play dirty, don't necessarily cross that line, but you can go ahead and flirt with it. The Warriors right now look like that hitter that is way too comfortable in the batter's box. Everything is going their way, they're locked in, they don't feel challenged -- go ahead and buzz them. Especially Draymond Green. Get him to lose his cool, see if that can disrupt things.

Third, they need to win every single home game they have.

This seems obvious, but what nobody is really thinking about is that three of the next four games are in Cleveland. Yes, they're down 0-2,  but they'll have home court advantage for the next week-and-a-half, with three of four at The Q. If they lose on Wednesday, then this goes right out the window. But if they win Game 3, it changes the series and changes the narrative. This is their floor, own it. If the Cavs can flex some home-court muscle, it is going to get them back in this series in a hurry.

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