Lakewood police officer seen in video where teen's jaw broken placed on unpaid leave

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Surveillance video from Lakewood's Madison Avenue branch library shows what happens when a 17-year-girl and her 16-year-old brother are approached by an off-duty Lakewood police officer working security.

The officer's name is Kevin Jones.

The female teen had her feet on a chair as she and her brother were watching a monitor, both with headphones on. Jones appears to tell her to take her feet down.

The video shows she did so without hesitation.

There is no audio to let us know what was said, but it looks like he motions for her to leave a couple of times. Jones walks away, and the teens stay seated. Jones returns, gets closer, bending over to talk with the girl. She stands up, and in fewer than four seconds, Jones grabs her by the arm and neck, forcing her toward the door.

Another library camera picks up the action from another angle where she's forced into a cart of books. She falls to the floor. Jones puts her a full nelson and aggressively moves her towards the door. He forces her outside and down on the library's steps.

During the struggle, her jaw was broken.

A lawsuit filed Monday alleges that the city of Lakewood failed to train its officers on how to treat children with dignity and respect, and that Jones and other officers failed to provide medical care to the girl as she lay bleeding on the front steps of the library.

According to a letter from the city of Lakewood, Jones was placed on 40 hours unpaid leave, and is prohibited from working off duty employment. He was also brought up departmental charges for using unreasonable and unwarranted force, bringing discredit to the Lakewood police and not activating his body cam at the appropriate time.

He was referred to an employee assistance program and received additional training.

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