Cavs security for NBA Finals: 'We are taking appropriate additional measures'

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Within just the past two weeks, the world has witnessed the horror of terrorists who seem to be altering their strategies - preying on those just outside of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, and - just this past weekend - in another attack, driving into pedestrians on the London Bridge, and then stabbing random people enjoying a night out at nearby restaurants and bars.

Security Expert Tim Dimoff says terrorists are now focusing on places where security is not usually so tight.

"We now are seeing the aggression, violence terrorism is taking place where the general public congregates outside those special events," said Dimoff.

As the Cavs get ready to host the Golden State Warriors in game three of the NBA Finals, the slogan "Defend the Land," takes on a whole new meaning.

When asked about any added security in light of the recent deadly attacks, the Cavs organization would only say, "We are taking some appropriate additional measures," to ensure safety at tomorrow night's game.

Dimoff, whose company provides security input for large events like the NBA Finals and played a major role in the security for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last summer, says you will now see more monitoring of the areas where large groups of people gather.

"The entrance and walkway areas up to those entrances of those events, you are going to see more security presence. You can see more dogs. You won't see more - but there will be more - undercover, and it's the areas that are right outside the events, and the areas that are public access inside the event before you have to go through the security monitors," said Dimoff.

Dimoff says our best line of defense is our own eyes and ears.

"If all of America - all the eyes and ears we have out here are constantly looking - especially at events and big crowds - we can and have successfully stopped hundreds of incidents from happening.

A lot of them never get reported," added Dimoff.

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