Cavs give out onesies at Cleveland Clinic

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Were you born to defend the land? Dozens of babies at the Cleveland clinic are getting onesies to celebrate the Cavs in the finals.

"It was a surprise, I found out and said, how cool!" said mom to now three, Jessica Johnson. She was excited when she found out baby Aurora would get her first Cav's gear before even leaving the hospital.

"I was just hoping I'd be able to watch the game," said husband Ron Johnson.

"Our due date was June 15th, we were hoping baby would have come early. That would have been game 7.  I didn't know I could have taken both pressures," said new dad Andrew Kusanke.

While it was a surprise to some, others were hoping their bundles of joy would appear during the play-offs.

"I was watching the Cleveland Clinic Instagram to see if they were going to do them again this year for the finals because I know they did them last year. As soon as I saw posted a picture of the onesies, I sent him a text and sent back a text saying, awesome, we need to get in there," said new mom Stevie Kusanke.

This is the third year in a row the Cavs have been in the play-offs, and the third year the team has donated the onesies.

"We are always grateful to have this. It just ties us more with the Cleveland community," said Cleveland Clinic's Heather Dicioccio.

For all parents, it's a keepsake to remember a special time.

"I was excited. Cleveland is close to my heart, it's cool that she's wearing this when she's first born," said new dad Jerome Baker.

All of the onesies were donated by the Cavs General Manager.

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