Cleveland businesses cash in during third straight year of Cavs in NBA Finals

Reminders of last year's Championship are everywhere, including at CLE Clothing Co.
Reminders of last year's Championship are everywhere, including at CLE Clothing Co.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's the third straight year the Cavs have headed to the NBA Finals, and that repeat performance has businesses downtown and across the city continuing to cash in.

Destination Cleveland says each finals game brings in about $5 million to the city. That money goes far for local businesses.

The glow from winning the 2016 NBA championship hasn't worn out for a lot of Clevelanders.

"What happened last year kind of seemed to transcend sports you know," said Mike Sopko. "Went down to the parade with my family and just the energy and the vibe has been incredible."

Sopko was on East 4th Street on Tuesday, getting ready to play for a much bigger crowd for Game 3 on Wednesday. Fans will pour into local restaurants and shops, but first, they'll need to get their Game Day gear.

CLE Clothing Co. is ready for the rush of customers.

"We staff up, we get a lot of products. So there's excitement for the game and what we know is going to be a very busy day," said Kayla Frisco, the store manager of CLE Clothing Co.

Jennifer Kramer, with Destination Cleveland, says they're welcoming many visitors back to our city.

"For some people it's not their first time here, it's their second or third. So they've seen a little bit of downtown, they're going to go out to the neighborhoods, maybe Cuyahoga National Valley. They're going to see a little bit more of our city every time they come back," Kramer said.

One place that's getting used to these crowds is The Corner Alley. Brand GM Michael Grasso says they've seen some of their best business in the past 10 years.

"We'll be packed on the patio and all the way across the street. So it's amazing to see not only the 500, 600 people in here, but 500 to 1,000 people outside on the street, still cheering along, still watching the game through our venue and it really takes over the corner of E. 4th St, the whole city really comes together," Grasso said.

It's a rush of excitement and business no one's taking for granted.

"It's an incredible impact, we're lucky to have that. It really fuels the economy and local businesses feel that and it's great for the vibe throughout the entire city," Kramer said.

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