'Defend the Land' mural unveiled at the Q

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new mural showing the entire Cleveland Cavaliers team was unveiled Wednesday morning, just in time for the Cavs' first home game in the 2017 NBA Finals.

The artwork, which features "Defend the Land" text, was designed by artists Elliot Gerard and John Boyce. You may recognize one of Gerard's past works of art:

LeBron's "Zero Dark Thirty" post from last year signified his social media blackout during the NBA Playoffs.

Gerard, the artist, is not even from Cleveland, but Cavs players are highlighted in a lot of his artwork. He was shocked and surprised when LeBron first shared the lion post. He didn't believe it at first.

"It's really an honor that LeBron chose our artwork for his final post before the playoffs," Gerard said.

After the post, Gerard was asked to come up with a graphic for the Finals.

The 9 foot by 10 foot mural will be on display outside of the Q for the rest of the Finals.

The mural provides a great photo opportunity for fans or people passing by.

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