3 busted after rash of home burglaries in Wickliffe

Source: WOIO
Source: WOIO

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There have been a rash of home burglaries in Wickliffe.

"There's nothing worse than not having your kids feel safe in their own home," said Kathy Siniscalshi.

She said she's sad thieves ripped off her neighbor's house on Monday on Greenridge Drive.

The crooks also hit a house on Clark Drive.

Those burglaries were just two of several recently.

"So, we have recovered some items," said Lt. Pat Hengst of the Wickliffe Police. "We do know that among the item recovered is some stuff from our Greenridge break-in. We also believe some of the stuff that we've recovered is linked to some crimes that occurred in Richmond Heights yesterday, which would have been Tuesday."

The thieves made quick work of it. Hengst says they stole a lot of loot.

Thanks to good detective work, Wickliffe police staked out a couple of places they know thieves might fence stolen goods. They busted three guys, who had criminal tools, and a scanner to monitor police activities.

"In our two incidences one home the entry was through window. They forces open a window and the second entry they just put a boot to the front door and kicked in the door," Hengst said.

The three crooks have not been charged yet, so no names or pictures, but Cleveland 19 learned they do have long criminal records.

Hengst says they may also be linked to other burglaries in eastern Cuyahoga County and western Lake County.

Wickliffe police echo the old adage most of us have heard -- if you see something, say something. That's a good neighbor policy we can live with.

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