Meet LintBron: A sculpture of the King made from donated dryer lint

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A local artist has created a unique way to bring the Cavs some luck for Game 4.

Sandy Buffie, owner of Sandy Buffie Designs, created a sculpture of LeBron James made completely out of dryer lint. Buffie calls the sculpture "LintBron."

Last year Buffie created another sculpture, but she believes this one is bigger and better.

"This year I really wanted to devote time to making a better resemblance and capture the gentleness and the fierceness at the same time," said Buffie.

Along with LeBron, Buffie has also recreated some familiar faces like Hilary Clinton, but many believe "LintBron" is a good luck charm. Many Cavs fans have rubbed the sculpture believing that it may offer the team good luck.

Last year Buffie said that the Cavs were able to turn it around after she created "LintBron."

"I love it when people come and talk to him and get right in his face and they say someone on we're counting on you," said Buffie.

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