Be on the lookout for these summer swindles, says BBB

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - As temperatures heat up, so do the summer scams. The Better Business Bureau just released a list of the five you need to watch out for.

Scammers can target you on your phone, your computer, and, sometimes, at your front door.

"Why would someone give you a cruise for free?" said Landfall Travel President and Owner Ann Huber.

It's a question Huber has asked her clients.

"They get a postcard in the mail and they say, 'Wow, we won a three day cruise and all we have to do is spend $295 for the taxes and fees on the cruise,'" she said.

While a free cruise sounds tempting, don't be fooled. Vacation scams top of the list, of the Better Business Bureau's top five summer scams.

"Be very careful. Very little in this world is free," said Sue McConnell, BBB President and CEO.

McConnell sees scams all the time. She said movers may also mislead you.

"You may be dealing with a rogue mover, which is a company that just has people with rented trucks come to your house and put your goods in there. You may never see them again," McConnell said.

If you want to see your favorite singer this summer, be careful where you buy your tickets. Steer clear of Craigslist and street vendors.

"Don't believe you can get a great deal at the last minute on a really popular concert for the summer," she said.

Scam number four, is door-to-door sales. People often offer deals to spruce up your home, then they take your money and run.

"They come into town for the season. They do quick fixes, often shoddy work at low prices and then they leave town," McConnell said.

Finally, number five, is a summer job scam. Scammers may use high-pressure sales tactics, tell you to wire money, which you should never do, or offer you work without seeing a resume or doing an interview.

"Those people who ask for your money are here today gone tomorrow," Huber said.

Experts recommend going through professional agents, companies and websites when purchasing any big ticket items.

If you get scammed, the best thing to do is report it right away. You might not be able to get your money back, but you may help save someone else.

The Better Business Bureau has a scam tracker tool on its website, so you can see what scams are happening around your neighborhood.

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