More than 200 people run and walk in Resiliency Run

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It might've looked like your average road race, but there's nothing average about Metro Health Medical Center's first annual Resiliency Run. More than 200 hundred runners and walkers took part in what's called a celebration of trauma survival.

Survivors of all types of trauma hit the streets around the hospital, like 27-year-old Mark Kalina who lost his legs when he was run over by a train in 2012. He now walks with prosthetics, he said he is proud and grateful.

"It's great, by walking I'm celebrating my journey," Kalina said.

Not far behind him was Bilyana Simonorski who pushed her mother Milka in a wheelchair, they both survived domestic violence nightmare attacked by a man with an ax. Milka took a blow to the head she wasn't expected to survive.

"It's good to be among other people who know what it's like to celebrate how far we've come," Simonoroski said.

The event has been two years in the works, the brainchild of Trauma Program Coordinator Tina Aldridge.

"I don't think there are words to put to what some of these people have gone through how strong they are, and what they've overcome and what they are continuing to overcome and what they can teach each of us," Aldridge said.

It wasn't just about the survivors. There were also all kinds of Metro Health Medical staff taking part, many of whom are to credit for getting the survivors through the worst times, and to a different kind of finish line.

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