Cleveland ties 93 degree heat record from 1954

Cleveland ties 93 degree heat record from 1954

The last time it was this hot on June 12 was 63 years ago.

Cleveland tied for the hottest day on record at 93 degrees for the first time since 1954.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has issued a "yellow," or moderate air quality alert for Monday.

Monday's "yellow" level alert pertains especially to sensitive people. Some pollutants may be a moderate health concern for those people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution. Young children, senior citizens, or those with asthma, heart, or lung conditions could be affected.

With temps expected in the 90s, sensitive people should consider limiting outdoor activities. Click here for a full weather forecast.

To help reduce pollution officials urge people to not idle their vehicles, use public transportation for short trips, refuel after dusk and use battery powered yard equipment.

A similar air quality alert is also forecast for Tuesday.

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