Record-tying Cleveland temps lead to health concerns

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For those looking to keep cool by swimming in Lake Erie, especially on days when it's 90-plus degrees, should expect Edgewater Beach to be jam-packed.

"It's hot but, I love it," said Alaina Colbert.

Hot is right. Monday Cleveland hit 93 degrees, which tied the city's record high set back in 1954.

"You see it? Yeah, you see me sweating with the glasses. I'm sweating, yeah, it's hot out here," said Kenny Fowler.

While the first taste of summer may feel nice, these scalding days can take a toll on your health. Many people already have sunburns.

"I overdid it yesterday at the pool, so I got my base and after this it'll be sunblock from here on out," said Rebecca Nocente.

Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic said hot weather also causes migraines. They blame storms, which we may see this week, as well as allergens and dehydration.

There are steps you can take to beat the heat.

"Pretreat by drinking water before you go outside on a hot 90 degree humid day. You can lose up to a liter of fluid an hour, so you really have to maintain your fluid balance," said Cleveland Clinic Dr. Jennifer Krueger.

The CDC recommends avoiding sugary drinks, wearing light-weight, light colored and loose fitting clothing, and staying in cool, air-conditioned places.

"When it's 90 it's too hot, you gotta have A/C. You don't have no A/C, I don't know what to tell you," Colbert said.

In the summertime, people tend to shift their sleep schedules and when they eat meals, which is another factor that may lead to migraines. Doctors recommend staying on a consistent schedule and limiting outdoor activities to the morning and evening hours.

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