Police Report: Mayor's grandson arrested with Glock, 85 bullets and marijuana

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The police report has just been released in the arrest of Frank Q. Jackson, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's grandson. Chief Investigator Carl Monday broke the story Saturday, and now has disturbing details about the incident.

Take a look at this picture the Cleveland 19 investigative unit just received from CMHA Police. Items police found in Jackson's possession Friday night.   Along with a handgun, police recovered a 40 caliber magazine, containing "12" live rounds of ammunition. A second magazine with "31" rounds. And a third with "42" rounds. If you're counting, that's 85 bullets. Police also found some loose marijuana and a scale.

Jackson faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon. A charge that could result in 18 months in jail. And a potential problem for his grandfather, Mayor Frank Jackson who's running for re-election.

Many people are questioning why Jackson was released on personal bound, given the seriousness of the charges. Cleveland 19 is asking the same question. The Cleveland 19 Investigative team has asked for records of other individuals who have faced the same charges, to see if the Mayor's grandson, indeed got a break.

The real question is what was Frank Jackson, who still lives with the mayor, doing with all that ammunition?

The police report makes no mention what he planned to do with a handgun, and nearly 90 rounds of ammo.

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