Cleveland man shares his story how he lost his hand in a fireworks accident

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Jon Sedor is not your average rock climber.

"When I'm climbing or paddle boarding, I never think of myself as being different," Sedor said.

It's been about ten years since he's had to learn how to become right handed after an accident with an explosive.

"We started goofing around with some explosives.  The one that I volunteered to throw, I didn't realize wasn't a firework, but sort of like a demolition device.  It had a quick wick," Sedor said.

It exploded almost immediately in his hand.

"Instead of burning down like a normal firework, it was just instant." 

While Jon's injuries were pretty extreme, involving 3 surgeries and 2 amputations, Dr. Anjay Khandelwal says he sees plenty of injuries because of fireworks this time of year.

"As fun as fireworks are, and I love watching fireworks and enjoy having a sparkler or two, but you do have to watch out because they can be dangerous," Khandelwal said.

He suggests common sense tips like watching kids while they use fireworks, and don't use fireworks if you have been using drugs or alcohol.

"With the larger fireworks, leave them up to the professionals," Khandelwal said.

Jon is taking that advice.

"My days as a pyrotechnic are over," Sedor said.

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