Cleveland Heights man develops safety spread to help protect bicyclists and runners

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - A Cleveland Heights man is behind a new product designed to help keep bicyclists, runners and walkers safe on the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 800 cyclists were killed because of accidents with motor vehicles.

"I wanted to create a more comfortable, fashionable reflective product," said John Kulbis, founder and creator of Safety Skin.

The reflective skin spread is in more than 100 stores across the country including Fleet Feet Sports in Cleveland and Spin Bike Shop in Lakewood.

"It will work for any activity you're doing- in any low light scenario," Kulbis said.

Kulbis said the product is a wax base with other natural ingredients that have all be deemed safe for use on the skin. He said children and adults can use Safety Skin which applies like deodorant.

"As soon as you see some gray color transfer to your skin, that's when you know the product is off and applied." Kulbis said. "Obviously if someone is safer on the road that is the best feeling you can possibly have."

Kulbis said it's a great alternative for those not wanting to wear specialty clothing that can sometimes add drag. He said because Safety Skin is applied to arm and legs, which are constantly moving, it gives more of an advantage to drivers.

"It gives you a much better sense of how quickly you're approaching them and that it's actually a person," Kulbis said.

Kelly Richey and her family spend a lot of time riding bikes- especially during the summer. Safety is always top of mind.

"We make our kids wear their helmets all the time whenever they ride their bikes," Richey said. "And if we were riding at night we'd definitely wear safety vests or some sort of safety equipment."

After showing her Safety Skin, she thought a lot of people would give it a shot.

"My husband he does triathlons, and he goes on very long bike rides," Richey said. "And, I think that's something he'd be really interested in. He's on the roads a lot, and I think it would very much help for other vehicles to see him while he's riding his bike."

Safety Skin is sweat resistant. Kulbis said it best comes off with a wet wipe or soap and water. He's already working on new product lines.

"We're looking at creating other reflective products that are just as easy to use that may have more added daytime visibility to them," Kulbis said. "So we're talking hot fluorescent colors just to give you that added daytime visibility and safety. Startups are hard but it's a great experience. I'm having a lot of fun."

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