Boyfriend that may have seen George Brinkman's vehicle at victim's home: Scenarios 'play over and over'

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - The boyfriend of one of George Brinkman's alleged murder victims told Cleveland 19 he's tortured by "what ifs," wondering if he could have done more to help.

Brinkman was charged Thursday with seven felonies in connection to the murders of Suzanne Taylor, and her daughters Taylor and Kylie Pifer. Brinkman faces a charge of destroying evidence, three charges of kidnapping, and three aggravated murder charges.

Judge Timothy Gilligan read details of his alleged crimes in his Parma courtroom Thursday, and Brinkman almost looked confused as he stared down for most of the hearing, crying. The judge said Brinkman was accused of slitting Suzanne Taylor's throat, strangling Kylie Pifer with a telephone cord, and smothering Taylor Pifer.

He is being held on a $75 million bond and could face the death penalty.

Scott Plymale, Suzanne Taylor's boyfriend, said that he knew Brinkman as "Susie's friend" but never thought he was dangerous.

"I never thought he'd do anything to the girls, Susie always said that was no problem, she'd handle the issue, and I trusted her judgment," said Plymale.

Plymale said they started dating in December, and things started to change.

"Susie always told me George would ask her, 'How do I get a girl like you?' And the relationship went downhill after we started dating," said Plymale. "Over the past couple months she would routinely tell me he was being an ass."

He said Brinkman was close to the girls, especially to Taylor, who he is now accused of smothering to death.

"I don't understand. I don't understand. I don't know why the girls were involved. I'm assuming it had nothing to do with the girls and it had to do with his feelings for Susie. I don't know why he ever would have done this. It's evil," said Plymale.

Plymale explained to Cleveland 19 what happened on Saturday, the day police believe the three women were murdered. He said Kylie and Taylor called him for help with a flat tire at the Strongsville Mall on Saturday afternoon, but by the time he got there, a Good Samaritan had already helped the girls -- a person he wanted to thank. He said he then talked to Suzanne Taylor on the phone, who told him she was sick.

So, later that afternoon he stopped by her North Royalton home to drop off flowers.

"My kids and I were on (Suzanne Taylor's) porch, I tried to go in, I knocked on the door, all of their cars were there. George's van was there. It didn't make sense," said Plymale. "She didn't have air conditioning in her house, so the front door would have normally been open, she wouldn't have let somebody in the house and then locked the door behind them."

He said he thought it was strange, but he just figured that they had left in another friend's car.

"I just figured they got in a friend's car and went, but while I was there I stopped and I looked at my son and said I know how to get in the window and I kick myself for not even going over to the window because I would have looked in their bedroom," said Plymale. "There's so many scenarios that play over and over in your mind but I would have rather been there and have him get me, and let them all live then then what happened."

He said he got a call from Taylor Pifer's boyfriend the next day, Sunday, and immediately knew "something had happened" to the three women, that Brinkman was to blame and he said he told police on the scene.

"I don't know why he did it but it shouldn't have happened, and any sorry that he says or anything, it doesn't matter it should have never happened," said Plymale.

Brinkman also faces two murder charges in Stark County for the shooting deaths of Rogell and Roberta John during a robbery.

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