Hundreds of men in Cleveland learn how to establish paternity rights and be better fathers

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - "I want to be their super hero because I didn't have one," Larry Bailey said.

That's Larry Bailey II with two of his seven children.  Larry Bailey III and his older brother LaMarion.

He brought them to see him be honored as a good father at the 13th Annual Fatherhood Initiative Conference.

"They humble me and make me realize how important I am to be involved in their lives," Bailey said.

One of the panelists from Child support services Tiffany Dobbins-Brazelton explains to the hundreds of men in attendance what her agency does.

"We're responsible for the establishment of paternity and support orders," Dobbins Brazelton said.

There are sessions going on with fathers learning how establish paternity making sure they have all the rights afforded by law.

"When fathers are involved children are less likely to drop out of school.  They're less likely to become teen parents themselves.  They're less likely to be incarcerated," Angel Miguel Torres said.

He has been coming to the Fatherhood conference for years.

"It has helped me relieve myself of all the anger of all the issues about all the things I didn't know as far as child support, being a father," Torres said.

"We are very pleased to have you here to learn how you can be better fathers, how you can get engaged in your children's lives and you can feel good about yourself being a man when you do your manly responsibility when you take care of the baby you had fun making, alright?" Torres said.

I moderated a panel discussion to give fathers answers they don't get otherwise.

"When 44-percent of children in Cuyahoga County are growing up with single parents we need both parents involved whether they're living in the house or not."

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