LeBron James Being 3-5 in the Finals isn't by accident

LeBron James Being 3-5 in the Finals isn't by accident
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - As the Cleveland Cavaliers walked off the floor after the Game 5 loss to Golden State the National TV cameras followed LeBron James all the way to the locker room, it was a look all too familiar for the superstar. For a player that is by most accounts one of the most physically gifted players ever to put on a basketball jersey 3-5 in the NBA Finals for his career just doesn't seem right.

So, I have a couple theories as to why this keeps happening to him and a possible solution to prevent it from happening again. 

Problem #1. LeBron's apparent need to dominate the basketball. James style of play for me is the #1 reason. His "ball dominant" "isolation" "Everything runs through me" style of offense is great for playing against inferior opponents but in the Finals when the other team is great on defense it's hard to win like that.

He's 1-2 against both Golden State and San Antonio...two very good defensive teams and "hero ball" creates stagnant play, shooters getting out of sync waiting for the ball and it also gives the defense a chance to load up on him.

SOLUTION: Follow the Spurs and Warriors lead and create a more ball movement based offense. That will allow role players to stay active in the offense and the Cavs to get more from their entire team.

This of course starts and ends with LeBron being on board however a change to this strategy should extend his career (See Tim Duncan).

Problem #2. LeBron's "Blow everything up and make major changes" attitude whenever he falls short. For years leading up to his 2010 decision to leave the Cavaliers, management was constantly changing the roster to please James and his advisers in hopes that he would be satisfied with the cast of players around him.

This led to a lack of continuity and cohesion from 2008- 2010 due to a series of trades and roster changes. This even continued in Miami when they lost,management trying to make every move possible to keep LeBron happy.

Now this too could be blamed on the teams themselves, however, with his star power he was fully aware of what he was doing. Constant player/coach  movement is not good for any star and to me this has led to him never really being in a stable atmosphere.

By comparison Tim Duncan and Steph Curry..more team friendly superstars allowed management to build steady rosters around them and that has led to more long term, sustainable success.

SOLUTION: LeBron has to be more patient and trust the process. Stop creating an atmosphere of panic within the organization.

LeBron James is the most physically gifted player of my life time, however he runs the risk of being this generations Wilt Chamberlain., A physically dominant player that in 20 years kids that didn't see him play will look back and think "Why didn't that guy win more titles"?

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