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Bay Village Daughter makes dad's dream of being a published author come true

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A Bay Village woman made her dad's dreams come true, years after he died. Janice Louise Blanton has now published four of her father's books and is working on publishing a fifth.

Janice Louise Blanton said when it comes to dads, Harold Milton was as good as they come.

"He was honest. He was giving," describes Blanton.

Milton was really Janice Louise Blanton's Uncle. Milton took on the role of being Blanton's father after she lost both of her parents. Aside from being a great dad, there is something else that Blanton remembers about Milton.

"I would watch him typing when I was probably seven or eight, and I would hit a few of the keys," said Blanton.

Milton grew up during the depression and had to quit school to help his family out, but his love of writing and dream of being a published author continued for decades.

"He would ask his daughter and I, what do you girls want when I hit it big? And, she said, 'a white baby grand piano,'" said Blanton with a smile.

When Harold Milton moved in with his daughter in her Bay Village home for health reasons in 1994, he brought with him bags and boxes of personal items that weren't opened until he passed away years later, and that's when his dream of being published began.

Underneath a stairwell, Blanton found manuscripts of books her dad had written beginning in the 1930's.

"It was just a brown paper box, and I thought, 'what is this?' And I looked, and it was his books," said Blanton.

The stories Blanton was reading for the first time introduced her to a man she never knew. Some of the romantic stories made her a little uncomfortable, but she read on and found material that left her in awe of her dad.

"I thought wow. I didn't know that he was so in tuned with people and what they were thinking and how they were dressing and thoughts in their minds," said Blanton.

Milton wrote a lot about growing up in the Appalachian mountains. What would he say about his daughter publishing his books?

"He would say how sweet it is!" said Blanton as she laughed joyfully.

The books, one of them titled, "The Conquests of Lonnie Dolan," are now the most powerful memory Blanton has of the most important man in her life, her dad.

"It's really a great gift that I get to know a whole side of him, and I get to have these writings. These are precious," added Blanton.

Harold Milton's books are available for sale on Amazon.

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