Tips to protect yourself in a parking garage

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The recent beating and robbery of a woman inside a downtown Cleveland parking garage has many people on high alert.

If you've ever been slightly nervous about parking inside a parking garage, security expert Tim Dimoff says you should be.

"Everybody, male and female are very vulnerable in parking garages, especially older ones. You just have to be aware of your surroundings," says Dimoff. "Most people who go into parking garages are a little paranoid, they know it's not the safest place. They start to create tunnel vision when they are walking to and from their car. They want to get to and from their car as quick as they can."

Dimoff says if you can, it's safer to park on an open parking lot. If you need to park in a ramp, be sure to check out your surroundings.

"They should be looking around, 360 degrees the whole time that they are walking, instead of walking in a tunnel, they almost on purpose narrow their vision down, which makes them very attractive as a victim," added Dimoff.

He adds, if it's a ramp you park in often, you should learn what security might be in place.

You need to know if you are using a parking garage on a regular basis if there's security. You need to know if there are panic buttons.

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