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Utility pole in middle of Middleburg Heights sidewalk leaves some scratching their heads

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A picture is sometimes worth 1,000 words, and that is certainly the case in Middleburg Heights.

The picture shows telephone poles rising from the middle of the sidewalk at the busy intersection of Bagley and Pears roads. It appears the poles are replacements for ones that will have to be removed to make way for a road widening project there.

A viewer brought the situation to the attention of Cleveland 19 Reporter Paul Orlousky, who brought it to the attention of Middleburg Heights Public Service Director James Herron.

“That’s not acceptable and we’re certainly going to work with Cuyahoga County to make sure that is remedied," Herron said.

The project is being administered by the county.

With the poles where they are, it is nearly impossible to navigate a carriage or wheelchair down the sidewalk. A guywire anchored in another part of the sidewalk could also prove dangerous for bicyclists.

Herron says he'll address the problem at a meeting on Tuesday.

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