Cavs fans want George so they're hypocrites? Please

Cavs fans want George so they're hypocrites? Please

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Cavaliers have not even acquired Paul George, but their fans are being called hypocrites all over social media for being excited about George possibly in Wine and Gold. Why? The Twitter-trolls are in full-blown histrionics about how Clevelanders look like fools for wanting their team to land George less than a month after being critical of Golden State's stacked roster.

Forget an apples-to-oranges comparison, this is apples-to-minivans.

While I'm sure there were some Cavs supporters out there that thought Golden State should not have been allowed to sign Durant, the bulk of Cavs fans, and all NBA fans really, were critical of Durant. It is disingenuous to paint the entire fan base that way just so you can pound out a fabricated narrative.

It's foolish to say the Warriors should not have been allowed to sign Durant. They had the cap room, the guy was available and wanted to sign, why wouldn't they sign him? Criticism of Durant was more legitimate.

If Durant had left Minnesota, Phoenix, Denver, Sacramento or any other team that was going nowhere, most people wouldn't have batted an eye. But he left a team that was one win away from the NBA Finals. If you can't see how that kind of "I can't beat them so I'll join them" deserves any criticism, I can't help you, and don't ask me to.

Furthermore, if the Cavs do trade for Paul George, they will likely have to give up Kevin Love to do it. They will be morphing their Big-3 into… wait for it… a Big-3.

So, here's how a potential George-to-Cleveland move stacks up with Durant-to-Golden State.

  1. The Pacers did not take the Cavaliers to seven games in the Conference Finals, OKC did with Golden State.
  2. George is not choosing to leave Indy for Cleveland because he couldn’t beat them, he is forced to go where he's traded.
  3. Cleveland would be trading away an All-Star for an All-Star, the Warriors did not.
  4. The Cavaliers are taking a huge risk because George could leave after one year. The Warriors assumed no risk, nor should they have had to, it was a straight free agency signing.

Also, this would be a response move by the Cavaliers. Should they not try to improve? They lost the Finals in five games, they clearly can't run the same team out there. I just said Golden State should not have been criticized for doing the same thing with Durant. Cavs fans would look stupid by saying they should stand pat, not for hoping they get better.

Other than all of that, sure, the scenarios are exactly the same. Cleveland fans, like NBA fans everywhere, ripped Durant for taking the easy way out so they should be called hypocrites for wanting their team to trade one All-Star for another. Totally the same thing.

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