Medicaid: How do Ohio Senators feel about the proposed cuts?

Medicaid: How do Ohio Senators feel about the proposed cuts?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Republican Senators have sent Medicaid cuts to the Congressional Budget Office for review and we want to know where Ohio's Senators stand.

Cuts were all discussed behind closed doors, but what is leaking out is that the cuts may even be more severe than what the House has already passed. The House passed bill has tried to put caps on enrollment and spending, cutting the program by an estimated $800 million through 2025.

The new Senate's plan suggests the Senate Republicans are allowing for an even lower growth rate than the House Bill.

With little details out about the Senate Republican plan we wanted to hear from Ohio's Senators.

From Sen. Rob Portman:

"Rob does not support a growth rate that is lower than the House bill."

From Sen. Sherrod Brown:

"Medicaid is the number one tool we have right now to get people into treatment and kick their opioid addiction. Ohio communities cannot afford to have the rug pulled out from under them in the middle of this epidemic – especially by a bunch of Washington politicians whose healthcare is paid for by taxpayers."

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