Nursing home residents rally against medicaid cuts

BEACHWOOD, OH (WOIO) - At the age of 80, Elaine Miller fell, hit her head and became a paraplegic.

"I cannot yet walk or dress, groom, or feed myself without help," Miller said.

She now relies on nursing staff to help her do what she used to take for granted. She argues any cuts in Medicaid would lessen her quality of life.

"Any reduction in political medical healthcare puts my life in jeopardy. Medicaid cuts would lower the number of staff available to meet my needs," Miller said.

Another nursing home resident, Elliot Myers, echoed that sentiment.

"If you wanted to do something you knew would harm people, especially seniors, how would you do it? You'd do it the way the Senate finance committee is doing it, behind closed doors with no public hearings and without even listening to the public," Myers said.

Menorah Park administrator Richard Schwalberg says any cuts will impact his residents.

"Menorah Park, it could mean $600,000 or more a year. That means staff reductions and reductions in care and services," Schwalberg said.

"When you debate the necessity of the ACA and Medicaid, remember all the people like me, living in nursing homes. Please help us," Miller said.

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