What fruits and vegetables are in season right now? (chart)

What fruits and vegetables are in season right now? (chart)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - One of the best ways to know you're buying local produce at farmers markets is to buy produce that's in season.

From May through October you'll find city centers and gathering places populated with farmers markets every week. Farmers head into town to sell their goods to hungry canvas tote-totting shoppers.

In Ohio, the Department of Agriculture requires farmers markets to register with the state and vendors must comply with USDA food regulations. Inspectors come to the markets to make sure those regulations are followed. But markets are not required to be certified producer only, meaning farms selling their own product directly to consumers. So produce can be brokered or resold.

The following list lets shoppers know what's in season, which also makes the chances that your produce is being sourced locally higher.

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