Unknown archer apparently killing cats in this Cleveland suburb

BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) - Some residents in Brooklyn are concerned after a report of a man using a bow and arrow to kill a cat.

Kim Kocon said that her cat "Spooky" mysteriously disappeared in May.

"We had him for seven years," said Kocon.

Kocon said Spooky went out one night but never came back. She then noticed there was blood at the end of the driveway, and said she'd heard of coyotes being in the area.

"We thought that's what could've happened -- we were very upset, but we understood," said Kocon.

But what Kocon's neighbor captured on a security camera was cruelty she couldn't imagine. In the video just before 1 a.m. on May 8, Spooky can be seen near the driveway when a young man rides up on his bike. The man takes out a bow and arrow and shoots the cat before riding away. He then comes back a few moments later to pick up Spooky's body.

Kocon reported the incident to Brooklyn police on May 11.

Through a Facebook group, Kocon learned that some of her neighbors' cats also went missing in the same way.

"A gentleman that lives on Sunset Oval, he had his cats killed by bow and arrow in the woods behind his house he found them, and when he went back to bury him the bodies were gone, " said Kocon.

Kocon knows that nothing will bring Spooky back but she's hoping that someone's information will bring the person that did this to justice.

"Everybody around here is feeling that way," said Kocon. "How do you go around and shoot people's animals?"

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