Coyote attacks and kills dog in Lakewood

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - A coyote viciously attacked and killed a dog in Lakewood, according to police.

Lakewood police say the coyote mauled a 13-year-old Dachshund in the 13800 block of Clifton Boulevard. According to the police report, the attack was reported early Tuesday morning. The dog owner said her and the dog were in the backyard. Police say the dog then wandered to the front yard. When the owner when to get the dog, she noticed a coyote was dragging the Dachshund across the street.

"The next thing we hear is screeching and I run out to the street and I saw my dog fighting for his life," said owner Helen Brand.

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The coyote eventually dropped the dog after the owner screamed and chased it down.

"I just ran, screaming and clapping my hands straight at what it was, because I wasn't sure at first," Brand said.

Police said the dog was "ripped open," and was euthanized at a local animal clinic.

"This appears to be a more aggressive coyote that is less afraid to approach humans," said Lake Police Capt. Gary Stone. "We are working on humanely trapping the animal. We are looking for patterns where it may be traveling."

The recent Lakewood attack adds to the list of recent coyote encounters in northeast Ohio. In March, four dogs were attacked by coyotes in Lakewood Park. Several other attacks were reported in the Lakewood area over the past several months. On the east side, a dog was recently snatched by a coyote in Shaker Heights.

According to the Lakewood Animal Safety & Welfare Advisory Board, there are at least three alpha pairs of coyotes and their packs living in the Lakewood area. It is not uncommon for these animals to be living in populated areas. They are usually most active at dawn and dusk and can prey on small domestic pets like cats and dogs.

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