Study shows marijuana use is linked to accident increase

Study shows marijuana use is linked to accident increase

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new study shows that states that have legalized recreational marijuana use are seeing an increase in reported accidents.

Marijuana is currently illegal in Ohio, but a 2016 law that was passed by state leaders will make medical marijuana legal in Sept. 2018. If the recent report is any indication of what's to come, Ohio drivers could be seeing more collisions on the roadway.

Statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Loss Data Institute shows that accident claim frequencies in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, where recreational pot use is legal, are about 3 percent higher than expected without legalization.

For example, crash reports in Colorado are 14 percent higher than in nearby states where marijuana remains illegal.

More drivers are admitting to marijuana use while driving, but scientific evidence proving that the use of pot while on the road is leading to more accidents has been inconclusive according to the report.

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