Missing persons report hints at crime in dead couple's lives

 A missing persons report filed by a friend of Regina Campobianco to the Parma Heights Police gives important insight into what may have been going on inside the home where she and John W Mann were found.  It was an address that was well known to police. 

Neighbors had been suspicious in recent years of what was going on. 

"Strange cars I mean at all hours of the night and cars just stopped," Paul Kyser said.

"In the last two years there's a lot of drug activity and what we assumed were prostitutes and when this lady moved in with him it seemed to slack off," Neighbor Denise Lovullo said.  

What she said seems to be backed up by the missing persons report, the friend who made it referenced Regina's drug issues, and said she contacted one of the last people to call Regina's cell phone. 

The man reported he had called it in response to a Craig's List ad for a $50 "spring fling."  No one answered he says, the last outgoing call from the phone was on May 11.

Compobianco and Mann are not strangers to the headlines.  In October they were arrested for abducting a person at gunpoint from the parking lot of the Rocky River Whole Foods Store.

A missing persons report shows Regina's cell phone had made no outgoing calls since May 11, when she was last seen by a friend. That friend called a recent incoming call to the phone and located a person who said he was responding to a Craigslist ad for a $50 spring fling.

The pair along with a third man were arrested in October for abducting someone at gunpoint in the Whole Foods parking lot in Rocky River, the charges were lowered to attempted drug possession when it was learned the person abducted was an associate of theirs. 

Regina was convicted of writing a bad check in Holmes County earlier this year.  John's arrest record goes back 31 years.

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