Romona's Kids: Aviation Academy helps teens learn about aviation careers

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Some Cleveland teenagers might one day be a member of your flight crew, thanks to a great local summer camp.

Cleveland 19 went to Cleveland Hopkins Airport to find out more in this week's Romona's Kids.

The Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals held its 4th Annual Aviation Career Education Academy for Cleveland teens. The free week-long camp for 8th through 12th graders is run by airline pilots, flight attendants, and air traffic controllers, and gives kids a taste of careers in the aviation field.

"Helicopters, fighter planes, jets are fascinating," said Jamier Solomon. "I don't know why but it just captivates me which is ironic because I'm afraid of heights!"

Nicholas Hedrick wants to be a pilot.

"I've always seen planes in the air thinking that looks like something I would do, I could see myself doing that," said Hedrick. "At first it looked hard but then when you know what everything does, it gets simple."

Student Alvin Mitchell says he wants to be an aerospace engineer because he likes making things.

"I didn't think the camp would be this hands on, it really helped me," said Mitchell. "I didn't think I would learn as much as I did."

Mariah Lynch always wondered how planes stay in the air.

"The most interesting thing was the engine itself," said Lynch. "We got to sit in it and they showed us how it was really sharp and that was cool!"

Future pilot Andre Lovett loved the cockpit.

"All the buttons and switches, getting to know them," said Lovett. "We learned about the thrust of the plane, how it flies, and what it's made from."

The students also visited Cleveland Air Traffic Control Center in Oberlin, and took their first flight at the controls of a Cessna 172 airplane.

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