Jewelry theft mastermind found guilty in Strongsville diamond theft

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - A Texas man faces up to life in prison for masterminding a string of jewelry store thefts, including one in Strongsville.  Marvin Lewis would plan
the heists, then have another man pull them off at gunpoint.

The Jared store in Strongsville was hit for more than a $500,000 two years ago.  Lewis lived a lavish lifestyle off his profits, rubbing elbows with A list celebrities and driving a $200,000 car.

The end came when police in Texas went on board an airplane to question Lewis about a rape case. He panicked and tried to hide tags from the Strongsville
theft and certificates of authenticity into his seat.

Another passenger saw what he did, told a crew member who told police. That made the connection between Lewis and Strongsville.

The rest of the pieces fell into place quickly. Lewis may have been a theft mastermind but he is no master in the courtroom.

He represented himself and at times called the judge "crooked" and told him to "shut up." That same judge will sentence him, he was convicted of 25 of 27 charges.

Here are some of the A list celebrities he has met over the past couple of years.

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