Police: Several black bear sightings in Chardon

Police: Several black bear sightings in Chardon

CHARDON, OH (WOIO) - Chardon Police took to social media to warn residents about several sightings of a black bear Friday.

The department said on their Facebook page that there were several reported sightings of the small bear in one evening. Police said that the state game warden was made aware.

Police added that black bears are usually more scared of humans, and attacks are rare. However, should you encounter a bear, police office the following tips from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR):

-Remain calm!

-Do not harass the or disturb the bear. Avoid direct eye contact with the animal.

-Don't run or climb trees, and the bear may give chase.

-Keep space between you and the bear, step back slowly to avoid making the bear feel threatened. Leave the area.

-Should the bear approach, raise your arms to appear larger. Clap hand and shout to scare it away.

Bear sightings are happening more frequently in Geauga County, according to police. Residents should "bear-proof" their yard if they can. Here are some tips from the ODNR:

-Remove feeders (including hummingbird and suet)

-Store garbage in garage or secure container.

-Keep your pet's food inside the house.

-Clean your grill's grease traps and store the grill in a shed or garage.

-Put electric fences around any beehives.

-Pick fruit from bushes as soon as possible.

Police say there is no immediate danger and they are monitoring the situation.

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