Program teaches driving tips for teens

University Hospitals, State Farm, and Cuyahoga Community College hosted the "Teen Driving Roadeo" on Saturday.

The event focuses on teaching teen drivers important safety lessons that include how to share the road with other vehicles, avoid driving distracted or under the influence, and changing tires.

Many parents like Karen Torrence were eager to bring their children after a string of car accidents involving teen drivers.

"You worry about every stage of their life and all the new experiences you have and you have to trust them. If you can prepare them well enough and educate them and go to classes and functions like this it will help them in the end," said Torrence.

Over the past two months several teenagers were killed in accidents around Northeast Ohio. Kayelen Torrence and his brother Aiden got a lesson on what it's like to drive impaired with this simulation.

"Makes me never want to drink honestly," said Kalen.

North Royalton officer Scott Cerrito offers tips for parents to give to their teens.

"No phones, put the phones down they are a distraction. Number two, no extra passengers.  For these young kids passengers are a huge distraction and they increase the odds of getting involved in an injury accident. And number three, speeding, if you just slow yourself down to two or three miles an hour you give yourself that extra room to react to things," said Cerrito.

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