Facebook video of tied up dogs in Elyria sparks outrage

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - A Facebook video shot in Elyria has sparked outrage among animal lovers. In the video, you see multiple dogs tied up on what appears to be an abandoned property.

Some of the dogs appear to have no shade, on what the person responsible for the post claims is an 86 degree day.

Cleveland 19 went to the property at 222 Abbe Road in Elyria and found seven dogs tied up with chains, some appeared to not have shelter. At least two dogs were using a broken down van as their shield from the sun.

One of the dogs was peeking out from a stack of tires.

"We've called the police about the dogs, and they say there is nothing they can do. I don't know if the big one that is there, it doesn't look like the same one from the other day, but it had on this huge chain on it, and that's ridiculous," said Debbie Brady of Elyria.

The Animal Protective League in Elyria confirms the dogs belong to Matthew Gembka of Elyria. The human officer with the Elyria Animal Protective league confirmed police and city officials have been out to the property to check on the dogs, but the owner has been found to be in compliance with animal cruelty laws and the anti-tether ordinance.

We went to the home of Matthew Gembka, and a dog that looked exactly like the dogs that were tethered on the abandoned property was tied out in front of the front door.

Randy Pinter says he is Gembka's neighbor. He says Gembka brings the dogs to the abandoned property during the day because neighbors were complaining about the barking at his house around the corner.

Neighbors say they have been complaining about the dogs and the junk surrounding Gembka's house for months now.

"It's like everyone is passing the buck. You call the city. The city calls the county. You call the county. The county calls the city. Then they call the APL. Everybody is calling everybody and nobody seems to do anything about it," said Pinter.

The humane officer we spoke to said that she would check on the dogs once again after we called.

Gembka has released the following statement:

The Lorain County Dog Warden & the Lorain County Humane Officer have seen the well being of my dogs & I am following the state of Ohio laws this harassment/slander needs to cease citizens of the county need to respect the validity of their animal control representative's also the EPD.

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