Massillon business hoping to recover stolen 'Lady Bug' truck

MASSILLON, OH (WOIO) - A Massillon businesses faced an unexpected blow after thieves stole a truck in broad daylight last week, according to the owner. Donna Matako owns Ladybug Landscaping and Garden Center which has thrived in stark county for the past four years.

Matako said that last Wednesday two men stole her truck while employees we're working on a landscaping job at a house on 22 NW Street in Canton. She said the theft happened while her crew took a break and sat in the back of the house to eat lunch.

That's when they heard the truck pull off from the front. They ran and were able to see two men driving away.

"Before you know it they were down the road. Everybody's wallet was in the truck so they have all their personal information," said Matako.

Matako also said that employees reported they saw the men up close earlier in the day. They said sometime before they stole the truck the suspects came to the house they were working on and asked for water.

Despite her employees offering police a description they haven't found any leads.  Matako said that she believes that lady bugs are good luck, and now she's hoping some of that good fortune comes back around to help locate suspects and bring back her truck .

"I don't want to be a negative distrusting person but how can you not," said Matako.

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