Blossom concert-goers angry after audio problems during "Train" performance

Blossom concert-goers angry after audio problems during "Train" performance

BRUNSWICK, OH (WOIO) - "This was my thing for the summer. I was really excited," said Tonya Gardella.

Gardella couldn't wait for a rare girls night out Saturday at Blossom Music Center with her sister and their cousin.

"I bought the tickets February 8th from Groupon."

They bought three lawn seats, at $30 each.  They sat through the two opening acts, then on to Train.

"Train came on, and you could hear a few songs in, then the sounds just dropped," Gardella said.

She says they waited awhile, but nothing.  No one came to talk to the thousands on the lawn, and it looked like Train continued to play.

"It was very muffled, you could barely hear.  Then people just started getting up and leaving," Gardella said.

Then they left, very disappointed.  We reached out to Blossom after they posted a message on their Facebook page saying they are sorry, "and due to a power outage, the sound on the lawn was not functioning properly. We will be in touch as soon as possible."

"An apology more than, we're just as disappointed as you are, no you're not.  You have our money, and food, and parking.  You aren't in the same situation as those who went to watch the concert," Gardella said.

After the show, Train tweeted out, "We had no idea until we were done! We will make it right, won't we?"

As for Gardella, she doesn't know if she wants Blossom to refund the money, or give her tickets for another concert.  She does hope they make it up to fans.

"You're not going to have that same experience. I don't know if I trust going back right now that it happens again."

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