What is Snapchat Map? Here's how to turn off your location, because privacy

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Last week Snapchat rolled out its new Snapchat Map feature that can show the exact location on the popular app.

There are several steps that you have to take to allow the app to target you, including turning on location GPS within the apps settings. The idea behind Snapchat Map is being able to look all throughout the world where people are posting Snaps from. The app also has the ability to go into "ghost mode" so that you can use the map and see other people's location but they can't see you.

The new map does have some positives. If there breaking news in a city or a major event, you could move the map over to that city and see what pictures people are posting.

Here are the screen-by-screen decisions Snapchat takes you through when setting up the map:

First, from your picture screen on the app, pinch your two fingers together to pull up the map. The app will ask you to allow location access.

If you click "Allow" it will take you to the settings for the Snapchat app and you must click on location. Here it's set to never and will not allow the map feature to work. 

If you allow the access you can see the app is telling you it will only be used while the app is open and visible on the screen. If you don't ever want Snapchat to have this, keep the setting on "Never."

If someone has turned the map on, and now you want it off go to "Settings", scroll down to your apps, click on "Snapchat" and simply turn the location setting back to "Never." 

Once you turn on the location and you go back to the app, you'll see you have to make a very important decision: "Who can see my location on the map."

The safest choice here, if you've turned on location, would be "ghost mode" so that no one can see where you are while using the app. 

We selected "My friends" and we were finally allowed to use the new feature.  

From there you can see when you look around the map, you can see the exact location that people are Snapchatting from. 

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