Parma woman calls 911 on herself, says she shot ex-boyfriend in self defense

Man shot being attended to by police in Walmart (Courtesy Facebook)
Man shot being attended to by police in Walmart (Courtesy Facebook)

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - A woman facing a charge of felonious assault was the person who called 911 after she said she shot her ex-boyfriend in self-defense.

Octavia Beal, 29, called 911 in the morning hours of June 12. She told a dispatcher that she had shot her ex-boyfriend -- also identified in 911 calls as her child's father -- in self-defense. The incident happened in the 5200 block of Knollwood in Parma.

Beal, who has no previous criminal history and has a concealed carry license, told the dispatcher that her ex-boyfriend had followed her home and threatened her with a weapon.

"He pulled his gun I shot to defend myself," Beal told the dispatcher. "He pointed his weapon at me at my head and I fired to protect me."

She told dispatchers that she had been on the phone with her stepfather leading up to the incident, she told them the address of the incident and waited for officers to arrive on the scene.

Cleveland 19 also obtained the 911 call Beal's stepfather made the day of the shooting. He told a dispatcher that Beal's ex-boyfriend followed her all the way home. He said he heard tussling before Beal said: "Lanelle call 911! I just had to shoot him I just had to shoot him!"

Cleveland 19 is not identifying the man shot by Beal since he is not charged with anything.

When the dispatcher asked Beal where the man had gone, she said: "After he pulled the gun on me and I pulled mine, I shot in the street and he ran past me and jumped in the car and probably went right."

The man left the scene of the shooting and went across the street to the Brooklyn Walmart store. Cleveland 19 obtained a picture showing officers attending to him in the entry way of the store. He was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center. As of Monday, he was no longer in the hospital. No one was home at his address Monday afternoon.

Beal is charged with a single count of felonious assault. She did not want to talk to Cleveland 19 about the incident Monday.

Parma police said they cannot comment on the case as the matter is still pending in court and has been turned over to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office.

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